A Sad But True Fact About Real Estate That Successful Agents Understand

Your marketing means nothing without focus.

Many, many agents & brokerages waste copious amounts of their money and time marketing without any focus.

“It’s just a numbers game!  Make enough calls, send enough postcards, run enough ads, and the deals will follow!”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with old school marketing techniques – cold calling, door knocking, and direct mail are tried and true ways to reach qualified prospects.

But where most agents we help have gone wrong is in marketing too broadly.

Scorched earth marketing works but in the Data Era it costs extra!

For example – John from Acme Realty and Loans decides to take massive marketing action for 2019:

He walks his farm and knocks on 100 doors a day.

Most of them aren’t even home, and 95% of those that do answer the door brush him off as fast as possible.

He’ll spend money sending everyone a postcard as well and of course he’s running Facebook ads.

You have to, right?

If there’s time, he may be able to get in some cold calling also (just have to scrub his list against the Do Not Call list first).


Ever feel like John?  Spinning your wheels but not really getting the desired results when it comes to your prospecting and marketing?

ProspectNow lets you quickly filter out low-quality prospects, leaving you with more time to focus on the most likely candidates in your sphere.

And it’s not just for real estate agents – lenders, insurance, and bankers all can use ProspectNow’s powerful search filters to identify deal opportunities, as well as massively enrich any existing database.

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What is ProspectNow?

ProspectNow is a searchable online database made up of over 10 million commercial properties, 100 million residential properties, and 30 million businesses.

Easily find contact such as phone numbers and emails, as well as property portfolio information for:

  • Any property owner or business owner – even those behind LLCs and trusts.
  • Real Estate Investors with multiple properties
  • Absentee Owners
  • Apartment & Commercial Owners
  • Motivated Sellers

There’s also a LOT more inside and this email is starting to run long – we’ve been adding features for over 10 years now and have been described as “the best kept secret in real estate marketing.”

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